About Centre Island

Centre Island is the second smallest of the 64 villages in Nassau County with just over 200 households. The 605 acre peninsula has over four miles of coast line bordered by Cold Spring Harbor, Oyster Bay Harbor, and Long Island Sound.

Photos courtesy of Gina Norgard

Purchased in 1665 from the Matinecock Indians, Centre Island (then Hog Island) was noted for its clay and its brick (1680) factory on Brickyard Point – western most part of the Island.  Settled by original Oyster Bay families including the Smiths, Underhills, Ludlams.

Ferries crossed the Bay taking hog farmers back and forth so it was always considered a part of Oyster Bay – hence the Oyster Bay School District and Post Office.  In 1976 Malcolm MacKay and Charles Meyer Jr. wrote a comprehensive history of the Island from it’s beginning to when Truman was in office.   Although most of the homes cited in the History of Centre Island have changed hands or been torn down and replaced with newer homes, the missive they wrote is really quite interesting!