December 10, 2014


The Village of Mill Neck received notice from Nassau County stating that due to the week’s weather the work that was to be done prior to full closure was delayed. Since this work has to be done before the excavation of the road begins, this work will be accomplished first without a full closure of West Shore Road.

West Shore Road will NOT be closed on Thursday, December 11th as planned. Only the pre-excavation work will be done with intermittent lane closings as planned last week.

Upon reviewing the calendar for this month, with holidays and the remaining work to be done before excavation, they anticipate that full shutdown of the southern portion of West Shore Road will not be scheduled prior to Monday, January 5th.

Centre Island

Established in 1863, Centre Island is the second smallest of the 64 villages in Nassau County with just over 200 households. The 605 acre peninsula has over four miles of coast line bordered by Cold Spring Harbor, Oyster Bay Harbor, and Long Island Sound.

Photos courtesy of Gina Norgard