Pending Legislation

In response to the digital vacation rental market and the resultant multiple short-term rentals of a single premise, the board will be considering short-term legislation.  This law would require rentals to be 30 days or more, and limited to twice a year.  The law contains a provision for relief of those limits for good cause shown.  The hope is to limit weekend rentals that are a burgeoning problem in communities similar to the Island.  The proposed ordinance can be found by accessing the link below:

Short-Term Rentals Legislation – Adopted October 9, 2019 

Peddling and Solicitation Legislation – Adopted 09/18/2019

Private helicopter use has been a village-wide discussion item for some time. As in all significant matters, there are individuals in favor of the use and individuals not in favor of the use.  After listening to resident concerns, the Board of trustees has sought outside professional guidance in assisting to find appropriate solutions.  To that end it has engaged the service of an aeronautical consultant, QED, and written to the Federal Aviation Administration with several questions.   At its December meeting the BOT accepted the report prepared by QED as final, and reviewed the FAA response.  Both these documents, as well as the village’s original letter to the FAA, are available for your review.

Proposed Helicopter Legislation  – adjourned without date

Aviation Consultants and Noise Contours Report – REVISED

Questions and Answers From the FAA

If you have questions, please call Village Hall at 922-0606.

The Mayor and Board of Trustees