Pending Legislation

Proposed LL A-2021 Helicopter Ban as amended

LL E-2020 Noise – Amended  
Adopted 12/16/20

LL I-2019 Keeping of Horses Legislation  
Adopted 12/16/2020. For supporting documentation/reports concerning the Horse legislation, please contact the Village Clerk.

LL F-2020 Amendment Chapt 122 Offensive or Dangerous Uses
Adopted 11/18/2020

LL 3-2020 Firearms 
Adopted 10/22/2020

LLC-2020 Open Fires 
Adopted 7/8/2020

Short-Term Rentals Legislation – Adopted October 9, 2019 

Peddling and Solicitation Legislation – Adopted 09/18/2019

If you have questions, please call Village Hall at 922-0606.

The Mayor and Board of Trustees