LL4-2023 Moratorium on Building in the A-2 District
The purpose of this law is to provide a temporary moratorium while a review of the zoning code is conducted in order to avoid unnecessary and irreparable destruction or damage in the Village, to protect water resources, to preserve the existing quality of life and property values in the Village, and to secure the health, safety and general welfare of the community.

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LL3-2023 “Height

LL2-2023 Dogs and other Animals
The Board of Trustees has passed a new local law, Chapter 50, “Dogs and other animals,” to the Code of the Village.  The  law replaces existing Chapter 50 with new Chapter 50 that revises and amends the prior regulations pertaining to the keeping of animals in the Village. New Chapter 50 will require that all animals that are off the premises of the owner must be leashed, establishes expanded enforcement procedures, clarifies and expands the jurisdiction of the Village and Village Justices in administering and enforcing Chapter 50, including authorizing a sliding scale of fees that maybe imposed by the Village Justice for various violations of Chapter 50.

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